Do These Documents Shed any Light on Bush's Service?

L9CHPY in the upper right is in fact the correct PAS code for the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron, Bush's unit.

This document was received by Marty Heldt in response to his Freedom of Information Act request (page 1, page 2) of July 13, 2000. (Curiously, it was apparently NOT received by Walter Robinson of the Boston Globe in response to a 1999 FOIA request.)

There is no telling when or why it was made a part of Bush's military records:

Would anyone consider this "proof" of anything?

Now, let's look at a second version of that same document. This document (with handwriting) was NOT sent in response to FOIA requests, either by Marty Heldt or Walter Robinson of the Boston Globe. It was first published by George Magazine in a special online feature on October 10, 2000. Where it came from, no one is sure. George Magazine touted this as a key piece of "evidence" of Bush's military service in 1972 and 1973.

An archive of the George Magazine article can be found here. The document below was originally located on their web at but is no longer there; George Magazine has ceased operations. That article was thoroughly refuted shortly after it was published; George Magazine never issued a response. also took a look at the George Magazine article..."MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS: Bush's Military Record Under Scrutiny" (10/21/00). Excerpt:

"But it's important to note that before Bush decided to run for president, none of the three documents that form the pillars of George's case were in Bush's files, according to undisputed reports in the Boston Globe."

So who exactly was given the opportunity to make changes to Bush's file, and when?

L9CHPY in the upper right is in fact the correct PAS code for the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron, Bush's unit.

Alas, this document raises more questions than it answers.

And now in February 2004, the document below surfaces. It appears to be an untorn version of the documents above.

So we see Bush accumlated some points...but where? "ARF" presumably stands for Air Reserve Force...why was Bush getting "points" from them and not from the Texas (or Alabama) National Guard?

Let's also note that Bush's Chronological Listing of Service (displayed below) shows 22 days AD/ACDUTRA (Active Duty/ACtive DUty TRAining) as of May 26, 1972 (third line from the bottom)...and no other service whatsoever before his October 1, 1973 "transfer" to a Denver unit.

Additionally, we have the Air Reserve Forces Retirement Credit Summary below...while undated, it does not show any service after May of 1972.

When will Bush come clean about this and release all of his military records?

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